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Disable Core file create into cpanel

Posted by Admin Blog on 14 04 2017.

Disable Core file create into cpanel

A core file created when ever a program terminates unexpectedly and its also useful for determining what caused the termination. In many Linux server by default they do not produce core files when programs crash or terminates unexpectedly.

On most of the Linux server core file size limitation is set to 0.You can check the core file size limit set in server by using following command.

[email protected] [~]# ulimit -c

In above command core file size limit is 1000000 if output occur empty then it means core file size limit haven’t set on server and you can set it as

[email protected] [~]# ulimit -c 1000000


[email protected] [~]# ulimit -c unlimited

If you want to test core file limit is working on your server or not? then run following command

kill -s SIGSEGV $$

This above command will crashes your shell and produces core file in the current directory. as core.*

If core file is taking lots of disk space on server and you want to disable it then follow the steps one by one.

[email protected] [~]#which httpd


[email protected] [~]#pico /usr/sbin/httpd

And following line in /usr/sbin/httpd

ulimit -c 0

And then restart the Apache server

And then run

[email protected] [~]# ulimit -c 0

this command into ssh .

You can verify it by

[email protected] [~]# ulimit -c